Uk Export Advice

59 - Exporting British Food and Drink, Health Foods and Supplements with Victoria Boldison



In this season of UK Export Advice we’ve been looking for bright spots in the global economy so that we can help British businesses export to keep their revenue positive. So far we’ve spoken to a number of guests about cross border e-commerce trade with China and they have all said that demand for British health foods, supplements and other wellness products has been growing strongly. With that in mind I thought I would check in with Bolst Global, a company that helps British food and drink brands in general and health food and supplement products in particular sell into international markets. My name is David James and in this episode I’m talking to Victoria Boldison founder of Bolst Global to find out how the sector is performing and why going global in a downturn could be a really smart thing to do. To find out more about Bolst Global go to