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55 - Has consumer confidence returned to China with Byron Constable of Avenue 51



As COVID-19 continues to turn our lives upside down, here at UK Export Advice we’re looking for ways to keep calm and carry on. As demand in the UK, Europe and the USA falls and global recession looms we’re investigating if now could be the perfect moment to start trading with China. The retail sector in the UK has been hit particularly hard with most shops closed and consumers changing their online buying behaviours. In China over 600 million people regularly shop online. 10 million of them are already buying goods directly from UK online stores and paying for them to be shipped to China. There is obviously demand for British consumer goods in China but how should we go about engaging with the market and dealing with sales and fulfillment. My name is David James and in this episode of UK Export Advice I’m talking to Byron Contable, Chief Marketing Officer at Avenue51. Avenue51 have a brilliant e-commerce solution that allows British retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to easily and cost effectiv