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54 - How to do digital marketing in China with Scott Muir of Regroup China



So coronavirus has pulled the rug from under our feet. All the plans we had for 2020 are out the window and we find ourselves in an unfamiliar world with no clear way to understand what the future holds. There are two clear imperatives, keeping our people safe and staying financially solvent. At UK Export Advice we’re searching for any bright spots in the global economy where British businesses could turn their attention to keep the wheels of industry turning so we can stay afloat and weather the storm. With that in mind in this series we’re going to be initially focusing on China, the world’s second biggest economy with traditionally impressive growth. But perhaps more importantly given the current circumstances they seem to be emerging at least from the first wave of coronavirus and are reigniting their economy. My name is David James and in this episode of UK Export Advice I’m talking to Scott Muir, Director and Founder of ReGroup China and Regroup Media. ReGroup deliver digital marketing campaigns fo