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44 - UK and Chinese Government Help for UK Healthcare Exporters



China is making healthcare one of it’s top priorities with government spending set to more than double from 3% of GDP to 6%. The UK and Chinese governments have been working hard to build the relationships that will enable both countries to improve their health outcomes through collaboration. This creates massive opportunities for British healthcare and life sciences businesses, especially those with proven track records of delivering to the NHS. My name is David James and in this episode of UK Export Advice I’m talking to Simon Mellon Assistant Director, South China Life Sciences, Health and Social Care for the Department of International Trade. We talk about how the UK government is working to support British businesses enter China, routes to market and the kinds of solutions and companies that are going to have the best chance of succeeding in this challenging but lucrative environment. This episode is part of our healthcare and life sciences in China series which are released on Thursdays. Our digital