Red Church Door Podcast

The Bishop's Wife



On the third season premiere of the Red Church Door podcast, our host Colin Chapman sits down (on Zoom) with Polly Ingraham (, author, high school teacher, and wife to an Episcopal Bishop (the Rt. A. Robert Hirschfeld, Episcopal Church of New Hampshire). Polly shares stories of how she and Bp. Rob met, what it is like to be married to a member of the Clergy when one was not raised in that faith, and what the Church might be able to learn from her experience. After spending a year in the Memoir Incubator program at Grub Street in Boston, Polly recently completed a book manuscript about her life as a clergy spouse and the evolution of their unusual marriage and is actively seeking representation. (Note: In the episode, Colin mentions the manuscript as if it had a title and release date - this was an error.) At the top of the show, Colin welcomes his own clergy partner, Christie Everett Chapman, as she reflects on how growing up as a pastor’s kid made the idea of marrying a clergy