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HELPFUL TEMPERAMENT MOMENTS with Dr. Bacer Baker. Friday Edition - April 23, 2021



Dr. Baker wraps up the discussion on Subject 104 in the area of Affection. As she provides suggestions for this individual in how to move in the strengths of her temperament, we are also reminded that God created each of us to know ourselves. Next week Dr. Baker will be back to discuss the four temperament profiles we have encountered thus far (Subjects 101 – 104) and provide insights on how to interact powerfully with each of the four. We encourage you to ask Dr. Baker any questions that you may have regarding temperaments. Your questions will be answered during one of broadcasts. Our web address is  More Than Enough Ministries 1914 Trade Zone Boulevard San Jose, California 95131 (408) 945-4439: Office More Than Enough Ministries on Facebook   #TemperamentMoments --- Support this podcast: