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From Tool to Sidekick - Human/Machine Teaming with Jamie Winterton



We’ve conditioned ourselves to look at our technology in a similar way we look at a box of tools: as instruments that passively do what we make them do. When we think of the future of artificial intelligence, it’s tempting to leap to fully autonomous solutions一 when exactly will that Tesla finally drive by itself? In our interview with Jamie Winterton, we explore a future where AI is neither a passive tool or a self-contained machine but rather an active partner.Human/machine teaming, an approach where AI works alongside a person as an integrated pair, has been advocated by the U.S. Department of Defense for several years now and is the focus of Jamie’s recent work at Arizona State University where she is Director of Strategy for ASU’s Global Security Initiative and chairs the DARPA Working Group. From testing A.I. assisted search and rescue scenarios in Minecraft to real war time settings, Jamie takes us through the opportunity and the issues that arise when we make technology our sidekick instead of solely