Stephen J. Kosmyna

The Power of Self-Image



We can never experience life beyond the self-image we are holding. Besides our governing paradigms, this is the one other thing that is so often overlooked and perhaps not even considered when it comes to personal and professional development and achievement. Our self-image is the 'governor' so to speak. The picture we are holding in consciousness of the person we believe ourselves to be, is what externalizes for the world to see. So often we think we can hide what's going on inside, what we're thinking and how we're feeling; but in truth we really put it on display for the whole world to see. Within, we must see and feel ourselves now as we wish to be. We can do this by deliberate design. We can create a new image of ourselves living the life we would love live and then move into it! List in for details where I talk about how we begin this exciting transformation! Dr. Koz (and effect!) Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D. The Genesis Frequency Podcast / Success Ocean International