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C.C. Chapman On the Not Always Glamours Life as a Professional Author



C.C. Chapman has been working in the realm of content for a while now. He first seized the opportunity of emerging web 2.0 platforms to catapult his writing career, which has admittedly grown fast and done well. He now has a thriving consulting career and exciting new business prospects. But the journey hasn't always been glamorous. And questions of 'what to do next' always remain. Chapman shares how he managed to grow his career to where it is today, and what is catching his eye about the business of books tomorrow. And together, we explore the interesting intersection of what brands can learn from authors, and what authors can learn from brands. Plug in and listen up because there's a lot to get through in today's episode! After the show, find us on Twitter @WinningEdits or #AuthorMBA with your questions and comments. Enjoy!