By today's standards, "build marketing into your book" has become common business advice for authors. There are, of course, a bajillion ways to go about doing that, some more effective than others. Jason Sadler, now Jason SurfrApp of fame, has embraced that logic in a mind-blowing way: he has a sponsor for every page in his book as well as the covers (front and back) and inside flaps. That may sound off-putting (yuck, too many sponsors!). But Jason is a seasoned professional on nurturing and integrating sponsorship relationships into consumer product experiences that are tastefully done, align with the message, and add value to the overall experience. In fact, Jason's entire book project for 'Creativity that Sales' is a wild, show-me-the-proof way of teaching how to blend creativity with business in a way that doesn't suck for the consumer. Jason's project—and entire approach and personality—is far more than just these promotions. In our chat, we explore how he's using this one-of-a-kind bo