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590 How do I develop compersion?



How to experience and nurture compersion in your relationships 0:00 Introduction and host chat If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com The Book of the Kiss is a fantasy romance sourcebook designed to be system-agnostic. Poly Weekly listeners can get half off the cover price here. Love is Polytical was a conference in Berlin last weekend. 3:50 Lusty Guy’s polyamory and politics corner Both sides are not the same. If what you are looking for deep, systemic reform to systems, yeah, they are similar. But with 300,000 new cases of COVID in the U.S., the response would have been different with a Democrat in office. If you’re a woman seeking an abortion, an economist, a climatologist, or a trans person, you can see the difference. 8:45 Contact us If you have questions, comments, or feedback call 802-505-POLY or email polyweekly@gmail.com and attach an MP3 file with your questions. To book us or anything that involves a calendar, email lustyguy@polyweekly.com. 9:00 Topic: How do I develop compersion? If you don’t