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589 My dom's girlfriend is domblocking me



Worried and her roommate are seeing the same long-distance dom, and her roommate started dating him and then put restrictions on Worried's time with him. Should they move in together? 0:00 Introduction and host chat If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com The surprising obstacles to polyamorous marriage 2:40 Lusty Guy’s polyamory and politics corner Lusty Guy provides insights on expertise: what is it, when do you have it, and what to do in its absence. To start increasing your expertise on U.S. politics, LG’s suggests reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. 6:50 Topic: My dom’s girlfriend is domblocking me Worried has a roommate, and they have both been playing with the same long-distance dom for two years. The roomie and the dom began dating, and the roomie began “putting restrictions” on the dom’s play with Worried. Worried thinks that the roomie is fabricating issues to enforce her girlfriend status. They are talking about moving in together. Don’t move in until this is resolv