Gametime (audio) With Andy Zitzmann

243: Final GT Podcast Episode



Thank you all for being on this journey with me and for supporting me and the GAMETIME Movement. This is farewell to the podcast, but not goodbye by an means! I hope I have served you well and I hope I continue to do so. Please continue the journey of stepping up your game in life and business by continuing to be part of the GAMETIME Movement... Here's how: 1) go to and enter your name and email. Aj and I will deliver great, free content weekly to help you continue to step up your game, and you will be invited to join us for a life-changing online summit we will be announcing in March and delivering in April, 2015. 2.) go to and subscribe to the GAMETIME Movement YouTube channel where we will be doing 3 weekly shows on motivation/mindset, marketing/mechanics and hosting amazing guests each and every week to inspire and help you continue your Champions Journey.3.) please feel free to reach out to me directly anytime at andy@gametimemove