Gametime (audio) With Andy Zitzmann

241: Create Your Future



As I suggested to my client, here's what you can do to CREATE some EXCITEMENT towards achieving your next goal. WRITE a FUTURE LETTER to yourself. Write in the state of mind that you have completed your goals for the next 3 months, 6 months, or whatever your timeframe may be. This will help you to EMBODY and IMAGINE what it will feel like when you complete your goals.Listen to my example letter, and see how I congratulate myself and talk about how proud I am to have completed specific goals.Do this POWERFUL exercise for yourself. Allow this letter to remind you what it will look and feel like to complete YOUR FUTURE goals. SEE and BE your future first... gain that CLARITY, gain that CONFIDENCE and create that EXCITEMENT. Write your future letter so that you simply increase the chances of it happening... significantly! It's YOUR FUTURE... It's GAMETIME!