Gametime (audio) With Andy Zitzmann

220: The Show Must Go On



Now, we've all heard this before... the show must go on. It's used often in entertainment, events, plays, concerts, etc... for BIG things. But what about the SMALL things? What about ALL things in life, business, health, relationships, etc...? Do you look at those little things or those personal things the same way as the big things? After all, true success is measured by EFFORT, not results. It's all the little things that add up to make the big things. Just like Joelle had an awakening to her need to start showing up for herself, her life, her business, her music, her health... just like she would when she's on stage dancing, perhaps YOU need to as well. I know I do if I'm going to be a Champion and make it my best year yet just like Joelle. The Show Must Go On in all that we do... not just the big things, but all the little things too! When you feel like GIVING UP, or feel like PROCRASTINATING, or feel like NOT SHOWING UP like you should... just take a minute, get conscious, get clear, get honest... AND pu