Gametime (audio) With Andy Zitzmann

205: Creating Your Best Year Ever (12 Steps & a Bonus)



How to Create Your Best Year Ever in 2015: Step 1: List all your MAGIC MOMENTS in 2014.Step 2: List all your ACCOMPLISHMENTS in 2014.Step 3: List all your FAILURES & MISTAKES (struggles, challenges, etc...) in 2014. Step 4: List all your LESSONS LEARNED in 2014. Step 5: List all the EMPOWERING DECISIONS you made in 2014. Step 6: List all DREAMS, GOALS & DESIRES that once seemed IMPOSSIBLE (some you may have already accomplished, some may still seem impossible, and some may be just about to happen). Step 7: List all your BIG, AUDACIOUS, JUICY GOALS you want to achieve in your lifetime & the number of years it will take to accomplish them (break down your life goals into 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 year chunks essentially). Step 8: List all your BIG IDEAS & POSSIBILITIES for 2015. Step 9: List all the RESOURCES & REINFORCEMENTS available to help you in 2015. Step 10: Create a THEME for 2015 (and if you're up for it, a daily practice with observable behaviors or a mantra, affirmation, incantation to supp