Science... Sort Of

305 - AGU Part V, How To Train Your Science



00:00:00 - In our final AGU episode, Abe and Ryan host a roundtable discussion with some of the researchers who took the train from Scripps Oceanographic Institute (@scripps_ocean) in San Diego all the way to DC as part of their #trAinGU initiative that they've been doing for several years now. You may have gotten a glimpse of this chat if you follow us or Scripps on twitter. In no particular order we chatted with:  Wesley Neely (@SIOHydrogeodesy), Adrian Doran, Dara Goldberg (@dara_berg_), and Margaret Lindeman (@maaahge). We begin with their science, each of there abstracts can be read here (they're in the same order as listed above): The Ups and Downs of California’s Central Valley from GPS-enhanced InSAR  Lateral heterogeneity of the upper oceanic lithosphere surrounding Hawaii  Multi-Sensor Natural Hazard Structural Monitoring at the UC San Diego Geisel Library  Ocean Warming Drives Increased Mass Loss at 79 North Glacier, Northeast Greenland  00:37:40 - Joe enjoys another drink from his local