Results Over Bs

How Marquiste Turned $326.53 Into $7,000



If you’ve ever learned how to drive a car, talk a different language, or even start your own online business, then you’ll know that achieving success goes way beyond just reading. It’s easy enough to devour pages of self-help books and success techniques, but the fact is, research will only get you so far. Making changes - in any aspect of your life - requires you to take action...and that’s exactly what many of Marquel’s clients have done to achieve phenomenal, life-changing success. In today’s show, special guest and private coaching client; Marquiste shares his inspiring insights into how he’s moving the needle in the right direction while blowing up both his business and his life to the next level. Show Highlights: - The ‘Value Ladder Concept’ and why your business NEEDS one (9:25) - One book every aspiring entrepreneur must read (10:45) - Why trusting the process is critical to the success of your business (13:00) An all inspiring, uplifting and highly motivating episode of the Results Over BS Show! --