Results Over Bs

The Anatomy Of A Transformational $3k-$10k Offer



There are many essential ingredients that go into creating a high ticket offer that will truly build a scalable business and transform the lives of your clients. In today’s Results Over BS show, Marquel walks you through his 3 foundational components that go into making a transformational $3k-$10k offer, the correct way to sell them and how to impact more people while leveraging your time. Here Are The Highlights: - The Transformational Gap: How to go from where you are to where you want to be (2:30) - How to breakthrough your financial ceiling and earn your ideal income (3:00) - Scalable Intimacy: The correct way to sell high ticket offers to hundreds of people while leveraging your time (4:20) Start listening now and enjoy the show! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don’t forget to head over to to get instant access to Marquel’s free ‘rapid business growth bundle.’ Thanks for listening to Results Over BS. Marquel loves to he