Results Over Bs

How Dr. Joi Did $11k In Collected Cash Within 24 Hours Of Launching



You’ve probably seen a lot of books, courses and coaches in entrepreneur communities. But at some point, we all have to take action and get things going. In this episode, you learn how Dr. Joi took action and generated $11k in collected cash within just 24 hours of launching. Highlights include: Why it doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline when you can help people transform their lives. (5:30) What getting online results is really about (it’s not making money). (6:30) What to do on a successful webinar to help more people realize their dreams. (starts at 9:35) The mindset shift Dr. Joi experienced which made her revenue increase. (14:15) Dr. Joi’s one thing any entrepreneur needs to do to launch a successful business. (16:00) Don’t forget to head over to to get instant access to Marquel’s free ‘rapid business growth bundle.’ Thanks for listening to Results Over BS. Marquel loves to hear from his listeners! If you have questions you'd like him to answer on the show or topics you'd li