This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Episode 238 | An Ode to Women Who are "Too Much"



I recorded this episode based on a blog post I wrote a few years ago when the Me Too movement was just getting started. The blog was titled "An Ode to the Women Who are Too Much." We need to hear those voices, to hear their stories, and to stop telling women they are too much.  Click here to read "An Ode to the Women Who are Too Much." I also mentioned Sue Monk Kidd's gorgeous new book, The Book of Longings. It's an imaginative story centered on the question, "What if Jesus had a wife?" The main character is Ana, the wife of Jesus, who had a voice that needed to be heard. And, as Sue Monk Kidd suggests in the Author's Note at the end of the book: if any woman's voice would have been silenced, if Jesus did have a wife, it certainly would have been hers. So, to the women who are "too much:" We need you. The song Bang (from the album Divorce by Moda Spira - a.k.a my friend Latifah Alattas) was used by permission.