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Episode 226 | Exploring Monastic Rhythms of Healthy Leadership with Jerome Daley



You know when you meet someone for the first time and find yourself agreeing with almost everything they say? That was how my entire conversation with Jerome Daley went. His emphasis on soul-care, on finding sane rhythms for your life, and on the contemplative journey was all water for my parched soul these days.  For more, check out his amazing book, Gravitas: The Monastic Rhythms of Healthy Leadership. Jerome Daley is an executive coach, retreat leader, and conflict consultant who is passionate about helping leaders thrive...and build thriving organizational cultures. With over 20 years in people development, he strengthens leaders in the journey toward true identity and vocational calling. Making his home in the mountains of North Carolina, he and his wife Kellie are parents of three grown children. His great delights are taking spiritual retreats, drinking good wine, backpacking in the mountains, and playing with his grandson. More at