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Episode 225 | Moving from Conservative to Progressive Christianity with Colby Martin



Colby Martin (author of Unclobber: Rethinking our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality) is about to release another book, titled The Shift: Surviving and Thriving after Moving from Conservative to Progressive Christianity. Colby is passionate about carving out a space within Christianity that includes: a whole-heartedly affirming posture toward LGBTQ individuals, a broader acceptance of other spiritual practices and religious perspectives, an agreeableness toward science, and a commitment to always growing, transforming, and trusting that the best days are yet to come. Colby is currently partnering with other progressive Christian churches as a co-director for Launchpad Partners Inc, an organization committed to planting and resourcing similar faith communities all across the country. You can follow Colby on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and find out more about his work on