This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Episode 224 | Learning to Pray When Anxiety & Fear Takes Over



If feelings of fear and anxiety are threatening to sweep you away right now, there is a way to pray that allows you to name your feelings - as big as they are, to welcome reality as it is rather than fighting it, so that you can let those feelings go and find peace even in the midst of the storm.  In this brief episode, I guide you through how to welcome any feeling you have, as big as it is, feeling it in your body so that you can eventually move through it and let it go. Using The Welcoming Prayer (originally written by Mary Mrozowski but adapted and widely spread by Fr. Thomas Keating), I teach the three movements of this kind of prayer: (1) Focus/sink in; (2) Welcome; (3) Let go.  I hope this method of guided prayer will help you to find a sense of calm and peace even in the midst of so much uncertainty.  Grace and peace, my friends.    Links: You can read more about Father Thomas Keating and the Welcoming Prayer here.  Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on My new book, Shining Li