Clarity On Fire

Blog: When you’re tired of waiting for what you want to show up



There are a fair amount of things in life that we have some degree of control over. If you want to lose weight, you could follow a nutrition plan and work with a personal trainer. It might take time, but with consistent effort you would be guaranteed to see changes. Or maybe you decide to go back to grad school, but you’ve got to take the GRE first. So you buy the prep books, enroll in a class, and take practice exams until you feel positive that you’ll ace the test. And if you feel the urge to up and move to Colorado, you could save money, hire movers, rent an apartment, and haul yourself across the country. No need to wait on anything or anyone to make that happen. But there are just as many things that we have no control over—things that matter to us a whole lot that we can’t guarantee or force to happen at all. Finding a dream job. Meeting your life partner. Having your business take off. It’s waiting for these things — the things we can never guarantee, that could potentially never happen — that drives u