Enoughness With Lisa Wang

35. Releasing External Validation with Cat Hernandez, Partner at The Venture Collective



Everyone’s felt it. The voice in your head reminding you that you don’t belong. That voice can be quiet at times and deafening at others, and it seems that the only way to shut it down is by gaining the validation of others. When someone validates you, those negative thoughts are silenced, but only temporarily. The real remedy is to commit to living consciously. In other words, to actively choose how you live your life without allowing others’ opinions to dictate your priorities. My guest today is Cat Hernandez. She is a Partner at The Venture Collective and a long time operator and investor. She believes that venture capitalists are responsible for investing in companies that are creating a positive impact and reducing inequality in society. In this episode, we discuss: What it means to be free and the American dream The mental fatigue that comes with being a woman in a male-dominated industry Overcoming Imposter syndrome and discomfort in career and life The difference between healthy and toxic exter