Enoughness With Lisa Wang

28. Confessions of an Overachiever: I'm a Hypocrite



Lisa realizes she has been contradicting her own advice around enoughness. In her first public confession as an overachiever, she owns up to the reality that she continues to struggle with not feeling good enough, and even when she thought she overcame the feeling, it came back to slap her in the face. In the midst of trying to scale her business, write multiple books, and launch several new projects, Lisa faces the hard fact that sometimes trying to do it all doesn’t lead to more success, just more exhaustion. She discusses: Unhealthy patterns of perfectionism and self-imposed pressure How workaholism is like digging your own grave Feeling shitty when you compare yourself to other people Why being an introvert is hard How wellness and self-care “experts” can make you feel inadequate Trying to be present and enjoy life while still striving for big goals Work with Lisa: https://lisawang.co Subscribe: https://herpower.substack.com Follow: https://www.instagram.com/lisacarmenwang/ --- Support this