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Savage Breasts, Sex Goddesses And You - MTP263



Co-Host Timothy Ward ( Men and women were clearly designed to get along and be in partnership together, yet in real-world practice that is often replete with challenges. What's up with that? Well, despite the somewhat lofty title of his book Savage Breast: One Man's Search For the Goddess, my guest Tim Ward has happened upon some truly original and at times mindblowing concepts that are flat-out guaranteed to transform how you view relationships between men and women. According to him, all of the answers we seek with regard to understanding women and relating to them just might be found by extending our understanding beyond Western culture...and perhaps even looking into our distant past as homo sapiens. Indeed, there is a wealth of archetypal information and mapping available to us that's actually pretty straightforward, yet often overlooked. Now see though, here's the thing...this is largely a Western world problem. Discover why people of other cultures and (to us) exo