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30 Video Game Outsiders



Ben and podcast alum Khadeja Merenkov talk about being video game outsiders. Why do they apply their academic training in other fields to video games, and what have they learned in doing so? Listen to find out.  Also, Andrew is now a father. Congratulations! Khadeja's voice reel can be found here. You can also find her on Twitter here. She had some panels at GaymerX. Khadeja was on a penal with Carolyn VanEseltine at GaymerX. Carolyn's gaming company is Sibyl Moon Games. The work of Tanya DePass and Cameron Kunzelman was mentioned. We did what is becoming a requirement in every episode and mentioned Ken Gagne. You can find him over at Polygamer. As always, thanks to Bright Primate for our intro and outro music. You can find them at