Off The Chain With Doberman Dan

It's Official... The Old Model Is Now A System Of Poverty And Death



Even though you’ve probably never realized it...   You’ve been indoctrinated...   Strike that... you’ve been programmed...   No, that’s not it either...   You’ve been HYPNOTIZED!   Hypnotized to remain a failure your entire life.   The formula we’ve been brainwashed to accept is actually a formula for leaving you six figures in debt in your early-twenties... with the only employment options available to you being menial low-wage jobs and no chance of advancement.   It’s a system that guarantees you’ll spend your entire life broke and you’ll DIE broke, too.   Even worse, you’ll probably be pretty damn miserable (and sick) for most of the journey.   If you went to public school... or really ANY institution of “higher learning” (deeper hypnotization)... THAT is the program you’re unconsciously following.   Listen, if you want to see the health of the tree, look at its fruit. And that fruit went rotten 30 years ago.   Yet “they” keep forcing millions of young people into this state sponsored indoctrination under