The Resus Room

September 2021; papers of the month



Welcome back after our summer hiatus to September’s Papers Podcast! Firstly we take a look at two different strategies for managing agitation in the Emergency Department, to achieve rapid control. Is haloperidol and midazolam, or ketamine alone, a better strategy? Then we take a look at the results from RECOVERY-RS. We covered the design of the trial at it’s conception last year and this trial essentially looks to answer whether a strategy of high flow nasal oxygenation, CPAP or conventional oxygenation is best for our patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 when they present with hypoxia. Lastly we turn to Rob and take a look at his recent publication on the use of cervical collars when dealing with a patient able to self extricate from a motor vehicle collision; how will the application of a collar or commands help with excessive movement? Once again we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback either on the website or via twitter @TheResusRoom. Enjoy! Simon & Rob