The Resus Room

August 2021; papers of the month



Welcome to August 2021’s papers podcast! Three more great papers for you this month which have challenged and informed our practice. First up we look Impact of ambulance deceleration with patients lying flat vs 30 degrees head up on intracranial pressure in patients with a head injury. Next, is a patient with a refractory VF arrest more likely to have a positive finding on coronary angiography than one with non-refractory VF? And finally, in patients with blunt chest wall injury, does the presence of a flail chest indicate a worse morbidity and mortality compared to rib fractures alone? And what do the findings mean for our clinical examination focus? Once again we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback either on the website or via twitter @TheResusRoom. We're giving you all a summer break from us and we'll be back again with our Papers of the Month and Roadside to Resus episodes in September. Enjoy! Simon and Rob