The Resus Room

January 2021; papers of the month



Happy New Year! Well 2020 certainly wasn't what we were all expecting, so here's hoping for a phenomenally better 2021. We've got some really exciting episodes for you this year including Supraglottic Airways, Neonatal Resuscitation, Diabetic Emergencies, New Resuscitation guidelines and much much more! We're kicking off the podcast year with three really interesting papers! First up we consider the importance of first pass success of both supraglottic airways and endotracheal intubation in the context of cardiac arrest; a lot of attention has been shone recently on question of which approach we should consider after bag valve mask ventilation, but how important is the first pass of either of the approaches to the outcomes of our patients? Next up we have a look at a paper that challenges the use of TXA in our patients with a severe traumatic brain injury after the publication of CRASH 3. Finally we have another look at the mantra of 'GCS 8-intubate' with a systematic review which draws together all of the ev