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Anaphylaxis; Roadside to Resus



Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode of Roadside to Resus we're going to take a look Anaphylaxis, which has been highlighted on a national level of concern as NICE state ‘many people do not receive optimal management following their acute anaphylactic reaction’. Much of the problem lies within a lack of understanding of what actually constitutes an anaphylactic reaction and the knock on effect this has to the treatment provided. In this episode we'll explore the definition of anaphylaxis and the significant differences that can be seen in the presentation. We have a a think about the pathophysiology and reasons behind the variance in presentations and how this affects the importance of treatments available and their relative importance. Anaphylaxis is known to have a a number of patients who have a biphasic reaction, it predicates the need to convey patients to hospital and a period of observation; however the frequency and severity of these biphasic reactions can help to inform this further and for t