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Bringing Out The Playful In Women - MTP270



Well, this is one of those episodes that had better be a lot of fun, or else we will have missed the point completely. And indeed it is. The deep-dive into how to bring out a woman's playful nature has been a long time coming, and I've finally found the right guest to make it happen. Alicia Munoz is a couples therapist and the wildly-popular author several books, including The Couples Quiz Book. As you may know, I've always believed that one of the greatest skills a man can have is the ability to coax out playfulness in women. After all, 'girls just wanna have fun', and leading in that direction is the very essence of flirtation and absolutely ignites femininity. Yet, many of us as guys are nonplussed by the prospect of doing such, either because we have no idea where to start, we don't exactly grasp the difference between encouraging femininity and actually BEING feminine, or we've been conditioned to be 'stoic' and take ourselves way too seriously. Right off the bat, Alicia brings up the concept of doing vs