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IGN Arena Podcast Episode 13: How 6.82 Changes Everything in Dota 2



Dota 2's 6.82 "Rekindling Soul" update is live, with new tweaks to Bloodseeker and Phantom Lancer, a new model for Shadow Fiend, and a new location for Roshan in the redesigned map. This is arguably the biggest and most important change to Dota 2 since its launch, with changes to Captain's Mode characters, a brand new rune, and lots of major Hero changes to adjust the meta. This week's show isn't all Dota 2, though. James Faulkner and Brian Albert also give us the rundown on Vainglory, a mobile MOBA that's surprisingly smart, and could catch the attention of hardcore players. And as Riot Games ramps up preparations for Worlds, IGN Arena discusses what's to come in the League of Legends championship.