Clarity On Fire

Side Chat: Passion Profiles & The scale of ambition



At the very end of Chapter 7 of Forever Alone (tiny spoiler alert, I guess!), I said:   We don’t all have the same amount of ambition in every area of life, and that’s OK. Some of us are perfectly content with a small, modest townhouse: Comfortable, safe, not flashy, but warm and homey. Honestly, my career ambitions are probably somewhere in that realm—it matters to me, but it’s not where my big, big dreams have ever lived. But man, I’ve got skyscraper ambitions when it comes to love. And I’m not talking some ugly thing that doesn’t even win skyscraper of the year award in Architectural Digest. It’s gotta be beautiful and impressive and very much larger than life. I think I might have more ambition in love than just about anyone I know.   I’ve been sitting with this and thinking about it so much that I decided it deserved more than just a single paragraph of attention.   So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat Kristen and I are digging into …   How Passion Profiles show up outside of your career—in relations