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Secrets To Success...With Women And In Life - MTP275



How do elite performers get on top of their game and stay there? My guest is the eponymous head of Dominique Brightmon International, a member of the John Maxwell team who has quite literally written the book on the subject. Dom has identified seven secret keys to sustainable success, and he reveals all of them in this episode. Listen in as he talks about the concept of self-leadership, and why it differentiates winners from the 'also-rans'. Why are so many people nowadays lapsing into the 'sheeple' mentality? Could it be because gaining control by weakness has become far too effective nowadays? I mean, in such a context, what is the value of even trying to perform at all, let alone at an elite level? How can we sort out following the herd versus what sounds like good ideas versus what's really going to work for us individually? Why is it that self-awareness is so massively lacking in our culture? What has the habit of instant gratification turned most of us into? What is the real dichotomy between working sm