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The Successful Man's Guide To Choosing Women - MTP276



My guest today is a long-time Wall Street Journal reporter who has followed the political lives of presidents, senators and governors. Her new book is called, Why They Stay: Sex Scandals, Deals and Hidden Agendas Of Eight Political Wives. Now, I already know you're probably not tuning in to hear tabloid gossip. But Anne's work is immensely valuable to us as we look inside the relationships the most powerful men in the world have with the women in their lives. Wait until you discover some of the golden truths you can readily apply to your own life, as well as many of the potential relationship pitfalls you can avoid. Indeed, this episode is loading to the hilt with 20/20 foresight. For starters, what behaviors and habits do so-called 'power couples' uniquely exhibit? What do wives of powerful men seem to have in common? Do women necessarily marry high-achieving men simply to leech off of them? Or is it they're seeking to ride 'coat tails' in search of their own power, money, fame as opposed to love? Do some wo