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Should You Stay Friends With Your Exes? - MTP280



All my exes happen to live in Texas. But does that mean I should remain in contact with them all, let alone maintain friendships with them? I've found the perfect guest to hit this topic with. She's Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, who heads up the Cronin Law Firm in Michigan and has quite an Internet presence in her field. Yes, she's a family law attorney...but FINALLY one who actually puts the interests of all parties involved in her cases at the forefront. We kick it all off by listing potentially good and bad reasons to stay connected with an ex. You know we'll bring up how some of us have a hard time saying 'no', especially if she's hot. Next, we discuss how it's human nature that we generally only think of the good times when reminiscing about someone, don't we? Why do people get divorced and then remarry the same person? Can toxicity only be apparent to one partner, but not to the other? What are some common examples of that? What is the key word that generally decides whether two people can remain friends post