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Big D*ck Energy - MTP288



Co-Host Helena Nista ( It all started when Helena Nista posted a video on 'Big Dick Energy' (or 'BDE') to her wildly popular YouTube channel. I knew immediately I'd have to invite her back onto the show to discuss it. Is what she's talking about here figurative or literal? I mean, is our attitude toward life and others really influenced by our penis size? Why is swagger, quiet confidence, being over oneself and unoffendability 'big dick energy'? And why is insecurity, trying too hard, losing your cool, etc. 'small dick energy'? What other behaviors exhibit these kinds of energy? If I have a small or average penis, am I therefore doomed to SDE? If I'm well-endowed, am I automatically gifted with BDE? What's a man to do? I mean, guys often suppose other dudes get women because they have a large penis, and my comeback is always that a woman can't possibly know what you're packing when you simply walk up to her and ask her out. It's not like we drop our drawers as soon as we a