The Chick Whisperer Podcast

All About Being A Jerk - MTP291



Co-Hosts Anne Dranitsaris and Heather Hilliard ( This is one of those rare shows featuring two guests. Anne and Heather specialize in empowering leaders to greater excellence, but what really caught my attention was their work in helping people deal with jerks, while also helping jerky people be less so. Probably the most fascinating part of it all is the premise that plenty of us are acting like jerks without even realizing it. So then, how is 'jerk' defined, anyway? Is being jerky synonymous with being narcissistic? Or is there more to it? Are jerks born or made? Is there any hope for that guy who's genuinely trying not to be a jerk, but he has to consciously fight it at every turn? And what if someone actually likes being a jerk and doesn't care to change? What do you do if someone who is a jerk starts acting like you're the jerk, not them? And how can you really tell? How does 'the quest to be right' apply to jerky behavior? Do you really have to be either 'Mr. Nice