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When Something Or Someone Messes With Your Relationship - MTP297



Co-Host Emily McKay ( No matter how well a couple gets along and navigates their relationship, there always seems to be a challenge to your relationship coming from somewhere. For sure, it can start with your best man's TMI speech during the wedding reception. But what about unsolicited advice from miserable friends and relatives who can't even manage their own relationships? Jealous BFFs and sneaky exes? Baby mamas and baby daddies? How about other toxic people in your life you just can't cut out, for whatever reason? Sometimes it's your kids, her kids and even your kids together. How about when there's a member of the other gender who is 'just a friend'? Sometimes you don't even have to be on The Newlywed Game in order to be humiliated in front of way too many people...a simple party game of 'Would You Rather?' can do the trick. What about job-related pressures, or bosses, or when coworkers start interfering with your relationship? Is there ever a time when these people should