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Be More Mature Without Getting Old - MTP302



Co-Host Julian Hayes II ( Remember that old John Cougar Mellencamp song that says, 'Oh yeah, life goes on...long after the thrill of living is gone'? Yeah well, I never liked that song. Now on the other hand, the saying, 'Old truckers never die, they just get a new Peterbilt'? That I like. Hence this episode with my new friend Julian Hayes II from The Art Of Fitness And Life. Julian is an erstwhile medical student who is now on a mission to declare the ART of a long, healthy, fulfilling life rather than simply the science behind it. In this episode, we focus on how to be active and enthusiastic well into maturity instead of being that cranky 'get off my lawn' guy. Listen in as he reveals how the root causes of most health issues--and even most dating and relationship issues--are LIFE issues. How is aging better tied to not just the left-brained aspects of health, but possibly the right-brained ones as well? What is 'healthy narcissism', is it really a thing, and can it ac