Episode #302 Predictions Second Half of 2020 with Sandra Beck and Intuitive Laurie Johnson



Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered up Talk Radio speak with psychic intuitive Laurie Johnson about the bird's eye view of what is going on in the world post-pandemic and what we can expect in the coming months. I am a gratefully gifted sensitive and Spiritual Counselor with over 30 years in practice and clients all over the world. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient with knowledge encompassing Tarot, Mediumship, Astrology, Kabbalah, past life patterns, chanting, chakras and Color Therapy, various techniques of meditation, animal and nature communication and Wicca. Laurie is an ordained minister and High Priestess of The Grove of Earth Rising coven. She teaches classes and offers seminars in Tarot (Basic Tarot, Tarot and Astrology and Tarot and Kabbalah), Psychic Development, Reincarnation and Past Lives (including a past life meditation/regression), various levels of Wicca, including Spellcrafting, and the predictions, lessons and survival tactics following the change of Ages in 2012. S