Fyfc Studios - Fearcast

Episode 32 - Saint Diablo - Devil Horns and Halos



Fear and Razar are in the FYFC Studio and are joined over Skype by Ray from The Naked Porch Podcast and Tito Quinones (vocalist from Nu-Metal band Saint Diablo) and man this is one hell of a show! Tito drops by to talk about Devil Horns and Halos! Saint Diablo's brand new album set to drop November 13th anywhere you can pick up music! Conversation doesn't stop there, we touch on so many topics I can't post them all on here. GIANT THANK YOU to Tito, Saint Diablo, Eclipse Records and our boy Ray for this amazing conversation. Check out the band, grab the disc when it comes out and if you haven't listened to our best buds The Naked Porch what are you doing?? HIT IT!!