Episode #313: Making Crazy work for You with Sandra Beck and Dr. Mark Borg



Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered up Talk Radio speak with best-selling author Dr Mark Borg. From the authors of the Irrelationship series comes an insightful guidebook for enhancing the most vital relationship in every person's life—the one they have with themselves. Making Your Crazy Work for You adopts the irrelationship model to present a step-by-step program for self-understanding and catalyzing change. Our "crazy" refers to our unique reaction to our own pain, fear, and anxiety brought on by isolation from others and ourself. This unrecognized isolation can occur even when we are surrounded by other people in our daily lives. However, by learning to listen to our craziness, we can use it as a tool for ending isolation and opening up to love. Drawn from the authors' personal experience and clinical practice, each chapter features new case studies, exercises, and tools to help readers to reverse unhealthy behavior patterns learn to access their genuine emotions, needs, and ideas c