Self Publishing For Practitioners

  • Autor: Martin K Ettington
  • Narrador: Martin K Ettington
  • Editor: Martin K Ettington
  • Duración: 0:52:42
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Are you a holistic or alternative medical practitioner who has thought a lot about writing an EBook or Book but are worried about the effort?
Do you wonder how you will get it published? And how can you market it?
And what about Print Publishing or the fast growing market for AudioBooks?
This is the EBook/Book/AudioBook for you. It’s a Step by Step program on how to Write, Publish, Market, and measure the success of your EBook/Book or AudioBook.
The benefits include a new stream of income, enhancing your reputation, and improving your overall marketing.
I encourage you to follow the steps in this guide so you too can become an EBook/Book/AudioBook publisher.