From The Chaos - Insights For Life's Difficult Moments

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Some of us are dealt real difficulties in life. We just need to make the best of them.
From The Chaos is an inspiring and thought provoking collection of thoughts and lessons – learned the hard way. Anne Miles and her two children are survivors of many of life’s real challenges, yet as a family they are bonded closer together than ever, live with genuine gratitude and appreciation, and have tackled life head-on (and still are).
Instead of wishing for life to be easier, Anne knew that she had to simply be better in order for her family to thrive. Anne achieved seven qualifications over two years, taking her family issues into her own hands when others were failing them. The insights learned and shared in this simple book were produced as a family affair, with illustrations and design support by Anne’s teenage children.
A small book that packs a big punch, From The Chaos will redefine how you think about life in order to shift your direction, or to reaffirm that where you are right now is just where you need to be. Certainly you will discover you are not alone in life’s struggles and there’s no such thing as perfect.


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