Autophagy: A Natural Healthy Lifestyle For Maintaining And Regulating Body Functions Through Intermittent Fasting And Reducing Inflammation

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You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How To Unleash Your Body’s Self-Eating Capabilities Through Intermittent Fasting And Reducing Inflammation To Maintain And Regulate Body Functions While Fighting Inflammation!
It may sound counterintuitive, creepy and weird but within you is a system of “self-eating” that your body can unleash on different cells at different times to achieve different purposes.
And the thing is; self-eating has a wide array of benefits that include removing toxins, preventing progression of neurodegenerative diseases, providing energy and the building blocks of cells, recycling residual proteins and much more all of which allow you to live a long, healthy, youthful and energetic life.
This self-eating is scientifically referred to as autophagy.
But how exactly does it bring about the different benefits?
What’s the science behind autophagy?
How do you initiate autophagy?
What does intermittent fasting have to do with autophagy?
What does inflammation have to do with health problems?
What can you do to make autophagy a constant part of your life so that you can keep enjoying the benefits of ‘self-eating’?
If you have these and any other questions relating to autophagy, this audiobook is for you! It covers the ins and outs of the autophagy, breaking down the seemingly complex topic into easy to follow, beginner friendly steps that you can apply to enjoy all the benefits of autophagy.
More precisely, in this audiobook, you will learn:
• The basics of autophagy, including what it is, how it works as well as the science behind it
• The link between human health and nutrition
• How a life extension metabolic pathway map reveals new phytonutrient candidates, including how they all play a role in bringing about health
• Why you need to adopt healthy habits to bring about health, including the specific healthy habits you should adopt
• Practical steps to living a healthy life
• And much more!